Animal Stories

 October 11, 1996




Cheryl Walker

            Muffin lived in a barn with his mommy and 4 brothers and sisters.  They lived upstairs with all of the hay.  When Muffin was 2 weeks old, he and the other kittens opened their eyes.  Soon they all learned to explore the hole in the hay where they lived.  They snuggled next to their mommy and drank milk when they were hungry.


          But one day a little girl heard them mewing, "Mew!  Mew!"   They were waiting for their mommy to come home.  The little girl climbed upstairs to the hayloft.  The kittens heard her climbing and they became very still.  They had never known a little girl before.

          They lay very still and quiet, waiting to see what would happen next.  They were afraid of the little girl.  She was so much bigger than they were!  All of a sudden they heard music.

          The little girl was singing to them softly:  "Don't be afraid, I love you so.  I'll be your friend before you know.  There's so much to see and do.  I'm waiting to share it all with you."  [To the tune of  "Hush little baby, don't you cry.  Poppa's gonna buy you a mocking bird.  And if that mocking bird don't sing, Poppa's gonna buy you a diamond ring."]

          Then she talked softly to them.  She said, "I know you are afraid of me because I am so big and you are so small.  I promise I will take care of you and I will not hurt you.  Please come out to see me and let me pet you."  She said all of this in a voice so soft that only the kittens could hear her.  (Kittens have very good ears and can hear very soft noises.)  She waited and sang and talked softly and waited some more UNTIL!  Muffin poked his nose out of the hole!

          He saw her and stopped.  But as she kept singing and talking and waiting; he knew she wouldn't hurt him.  Very slowly he wriggled out.  Still the little girl did not move.  Muffin felt brave as he heard her voice speaking to him.  He went up and bumped her hand.  She petted him and scratched behind his ears.  Pretty soon the rest of the kittens tumbled out and they all began to play with the little girl.

          The little girl came back to visit the kittens in the hay loft many times as they grew.  When they got a little bit older, they climbed down out of the hay loft to her and became barn kittens.  Muffin was the best barn kitten of all, maybe because he was so brave.